born 1977, Lisbon.


Margarida Garcia (Lisbon, 1977) 
has been developing, since the mid-nineties, a very personal and unique language for electric bass. 
Simple, melodious, slow, sub-aqueous and melancholic, which goes beyond the current praxis of
improvisation with a spiral coming from the depths of the contemporary underground. 
Before moving to New York in 2004, where she lived for seven years and where she played regularly in
concerts with Loren Connors and Marcia Bassett, she was a very present figure in the underground sound
in Lisbon. There, she met guitarist Manuel Mota, a close collaborator since his musical beginnings
—Their first collaboration dates back to 1998. 
Her explorations of the bow, mostly darkly dramatic, in deeply obscure and silent territories, are also
found in collaborations with Thurston Moore, Mattin and DJ Marfox, Eddie Prévost among others. 
The visual arts also play an important role in her activity, having published a book of drawings, held
several exhibitions and artistic works for many musical releases. 
Since 2014 she has lived between Lisbon and Antwerp, where she frequently works with Björn
Schmelzer's ensemble Graindelavoix in their various artistic projects.